Hey, all wonderful activists and advocates for child rights,

We have a series of workshops lined up, of course mostly hosted by many of you! 

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CRIA Marketplace sessions are authentically:
Speakers for the first CRIA MARKETPLACE are Jonathan Levy and Maheen Yawari. There is no charge for this session and people of all ages from around the world will be registering for this session. Jonathan Levy is committed to the work of Janusz Korczak and has done so much to heighten awareness of the important work of Janusz Korczak and put it into action in so many ways with young active participants having agency and their voices heard loud and clear! What an honour that Maheen, a young person I met in an Australian government primary school when she was in Grade 5 and already so interested in Children's Rights, was invited to be a speaker with Jonathan for this MARKETPLACE. Maheen has been a very active participant in the Janusz Korczak Australia Association since its first days.

Through the Janusz Korczak Association Australia (JKAA) and CRIA, your voice and ideas can be seen and/or heard, valued and respected when you participate in the Activities on this website and in person activities that will begin soon in Australia, now that COVID restrictions have eased. Information about international events and activities will also be on our website.

Thank you very much to those who responded to the Survey developed by our National Children's Commissioner about the impact of COVID on your lives. I appreciate that we had permission to place information about that survey with the link for the survey on our website. Thank you also to those who have submitted responses to other Activities. Please know we always welcome your ideas and perspectives in your submissions. 


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