The Janusz Korczak Association Australia (JKAA)is being developed as a result of accepting the invitation from Marek Michalak, President of the International Korczak Association (IKA) and Batia Gilad, immediate Past President of IKA. Leading this Association is an honour and responsibility that I take very seriously. Together with people of different ages and experiences already working together on this, we are determined that the JKAA will be true to Korczak’s ideals and practices,and are deeply committed to do what we can for children to live their lives as themselves in freedom and safety with quality education and care and as active participants as citizens of Australia. Janusz Korczak Association Australia is a member of the International Korczak Association and will openly share information about International activities and events on this website.

Karin Morrison


For all children to be respected as people with equal rights, listened to and taken seriously both now and as they grow. 

“Children and youth are one third of the population, childhood is one third of life. Children are not going to be but already are humans.”


To heighten awareness and knowledge of the life of Janusz Korczak; for his pedagogy, to inspire and bring his work, writing, ideas and purposeful experiences to action in the lives of children in this ever changing complex world in which we live.


In the spirit of Korczak the aim is to enable and empower young people to be respected for who they are now and as they grow. For them to live and learn in safe environments, with a sense of belonging and always be who they were meant to be and respected for who they are.

The Association’s goals are as follows:

Goal 1

To disseminate information about Janusz Korczak, who devoted his life to providing opportunities for young people to learn and grow as active participants in shaping their own lives; entitled to respect, safety, dignity and citizenship and defining the rights of the child. Janusz Korczak’s ideas were adopted by the United Nations and provided the foundation for “The Convention on the Rights of the Child”.
Australia is a signatory to this Convention. 

Goal 2

Goal 3

Goal 4

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Janusz Korczak Association